CliniComp, Intl.

Staff Engineer. Information Service company providing electronic medical record system designed to work in the inpatient, outpatient and ambulatory environments.

  • Directed a 4-person technical team responsible for the development of the Order Management System, an editor interface for authoring and retrieval of medical orders. On time delivery of the system to our customer resulted in a $360K savings in potential contractual penalties to our company.
  • Designed and developed an object oriented library of graphical components that is currently in use by several of CliniComp's software applications.
  • Implemented a Formulary Tool capable of adding additional information to our customer's existing hospital's formularies. This additional information enables our system to issue warnings in the event of allergy-drug and drug-drug interaction as well as duplicate therapies.
  • Developed CliniComp's C++ programming guidelines.


A patient's medical order can be display using many query criterias.
Status of a medical order can be updated or the entire history of it can be viewed.
A paperless system for creating and editing medical orders.
Drug-allergy reaction, drug-drug interaction and multiple therapy can be detected before prescribing.